Every Prime Edition development, formally JCL Prime, is a response to its environment and surrounds. With creativity, innovation, collaboration and care, we create spaces of enduring quality.

Prime by name, Prime by nature. Our homes carry with them a commitment to excellence, designed and built to represent the epitome of luxury with an uncompromised approach to the best of living.

Prime Edition work with the best architects and builders to design innovative residences and spaces of limited quantity and of special nature. With the best craftsmanship, service, and refinement we create beautiful buildings that reflect their location and compliment their surrounding communities.

Prime Edition is dedicated to developing buildings that last, to the creation of landmarks and legacies and to our clients and their homes. Positioning itself as one of Melbourne’s premier luxury residential and commercial property developers, Prime Edition embraces refined design and provides value and meaning to our lives, in ways both big and small, from the moment we open the front door.

The ever-evolving quality of luxury is a lifelong pursuit and something Prime Edition will continue to develop and define. With exquisite service and extraordinary craft, Prime Edition creates properties of the highest regards in strictly limited quantities.