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February, 2024

IN THEIR PRIME: Jolson delivers a soft, contemporary palette to the interiors of Como Toorak






Prime Edition is committed to delivering innovative residences of enduring quality in limited quantities, a principle we share with our trusted collaborators. For our latest project, we partnered with one of Melbourne’s most renowned architecture and design practices, Jolson Architecture and Interiors, to design the seventeen luxury residences of Como in Toorak.

Leading the interior design for Como from conception to completion is Jolson’s Associate Interior Designer, Jaclyn Lee. In addition to Jolson’s commitment to quality craftsmanship, Lee’s distinctive design ethos has delivered an interior response that epitomises luxury, while balancing solidity and lightness.

The interiors of Como hold a distinct connection to the building’s facade and landscaping, seamlessly complementing the architectural language of the project. Each residence and penthouse has been designed in response to its position within the building, displaying a clear identity and sense of place.










“Larger architectural gestures are reinterpreted on a smaller scale, through considered detailing, to create a unique project identity.

“There is a subtlety to how we choose to reinforce this design language. By focusing on the finer details as a collective, we can underpin the broader design narrative of the project at hand,” said Lee.

Sweeping lines with soft curves create a generosity of scale at Como, while expansive windows bathe the homes in natural light and allow residents to connect with the surrounding environment.

“Integrated planters, in combination with full height glazing, creates an extension to the rooms beyond their four walls, to cascading greenery and garden views that surround each of the seventeen residences,” said Lee.

The materials for each residence were chosen based on their natural beauty, inherent warmth, and textural contrast. Featuring warm oak flooring, elegant natural stones, and textured porcelain tiles, the soft, contemporary palette of Como evokes an emotive reaction from residents while gracefully receiving their personalised style.

“We wanted to create an inviting palette, which was not only aesthetically pleasing but enduring too. Balanced with considered material detailing, rounded junctions, and organic shapes, we further accentuated the unique beauty of the materials to reinforce Como’s design language and project identity.”

Alongside her interior design team, Lee has considered every meticulous detail to find a perfect balance of form and function to deliver spaces that embody true luxury.


“At Jolson Architecture and Interiors, we certainly view luxury as a feeling; an experienced quality of space. This feeling is transformed by adopting a cohesive and detailed design approach and dedication in ensuring the design narrative is followed through in the built form.”

“In close collaboration with Prime Edition since the project’s inception, we have delivered a design response where the boundaries between the architectural language and interiors are seamless, resulting in a cohesive, fluid design that truly demonstrates Como’s place on Bruce Street,” concluded Lee.


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